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About Us



Hi!  I'm Beth. The Queen of Hearts/Master of Arts 

Everywhere I go no matter what I’m doing people stop and stare (not in a bad way) or come to tell me they like what I’ve got going on. Happens allllllll the time. Who doesn’t like to know these things. I’m also the stranger who will walk up to you and tell you how cool something you have is or how great you look 😉

 It’s something I love bout just being myself and throwing my own vibe.

It lights people up and I love seeing it in people.


Really I just like being myself. Wearing my own style and doing my own thing. Cool if people like it and it’s ok if they don’t. I’m just gonna be me and do my own thing day in and day out per usual. 

My Vision and the reason I started offering these pants is for everyone to be able to be able to be comfortable in themselves rocking their own unique style and look. I want you to be you! To offer comfort and style for classy occasions, workouts and your daily life.
If you like that too and wanna throw vibe like me you are welcome to too!

Check out the website and pick out your vibe!

Always yours,            Beth


    Enjoy your new style experience! Infused with magic so you can show your stye and be yourself!


    Handcrafted for you straight out of Michigan


    Ready to ship!